Science Investigates The Human Aura

 Terry Alden

"It should be stated at the outset, however, that no machine has yet been able to reproduce the aura of a person as a psychic would describe it.  The human viewing of auras seems to allow a much greater range and subtlety of color variation than any electronic counterpart.  The way the colors are interpreted by psychics is also specific to their mode of perception and accumulated experience.  It may have little or nothing in common with colors generated by a computer program simulating the human aura, as we shall describe later."

This report takes a look at the work of three modern scientific investigators of the human aura, who used an evolving technology of various types of electronic detection and signal-processing systems in their studies:  Drs. Valerie V. Hunt , Beverly Rubik and Konstatin Korotkov.


Dr. Valerie V. Hunt, Professor Emeritus
Department of Physiological Sciences
Univ. of California, Los Angeles

Dr. Beverly Rubik
Visiting Assistant Professor of Medicine
of Arizona, Tucson

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Professor
Technical University
St. Petersburg, Russia

"The fact that energy patterns and states of the human body could be discovered and measured from the ten fingers suggested a holism about bioenergy which is extraordinary.  It's as though the energy organization of parts of the body is the same organization as the whole.  This holographic concept was extended to include energy processes in the universe.  During the discussion following Korotkov's talk, bioenergy aura flares were described and said to be occasionally seen being emitted from chakras in connection with changes in internal bioenergy equilibrium states.  These aura flares were compared with flares seen on the sun as similar in appearance and movement and similar in that both show electromagnetic characteristics.  Our bodies would seem to be organized in the same way as the universe.  Perhaps this research will support the idea that we are a holographic microcosm of the macrocosm we call the universe, which sounds like another way of saying man is made in the image of God."

Kirlian Aura, Fingertips

 Chakra Energy Chart

Aura, front view 

Organ Chart

Science Investigates the Human Aura
2001 Terry Alden 

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