The 22 Enigma

 Terry Alden


"When I was 22, odd coincidences began occurring in my life. At first I was not aware that anything unusual was happening. I was not aware of these occurrences for the first few years. It was considerably later, when coincidences involving the number, 22, were happening too often to go unnoticed, and after hearing about the synchronicity principle, the meaningful coincidence, that I discovered I was becoming involved, without quite knowing how or why, in a perplexing and often surprising type of psychic phenomenon."

"....Concerning the possible meaning and significance of the phenomenon as related in Cosmic Trigger, I knew that something interesting might be involved but I could hardly have dreamed anything so astonishing as the thesis Wilson puts together. He connects the 23-enigma with the Illuminati, '...the secret, invisible society that has been playing head trips with mankind since the beginning of time.'  ....At the time when I found Wilson's book I had no clear ideas about the Illuminati and, therefore, it was another surprise when I read that members of this secret society are said to be in telepathic contact with advanced beings in the star system of Sirius. They use the number, 23, and also the eye-in-the-pyramid design of traditional occultism (the Eye of Horus in ancient Egyptian symbolism) as their mystical seal and emblem."

The 22 Enigma
1988 Terry Alden

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